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Dee Barizo takes over Biz Logs

Posted on Sep 29, 2008


We’re excited to announce that Dee Barizo has agreed to take on the editor’s role at Business Logs. Dee has an impressive track record in SEO and blogging, and we at Splashpress Media have been very grateful for his contributions over at Performancing and his help with marketing Performancing Ads. Dee also used to blog at a site that we bought earlier this year: Smart Pagerank. He has some great plans for Biz Logs, including developing a monthly “small business” training program, which will include audio as well as video- to be launched early in 2009.

Splashpress Media bought Business Logs from the renowned designer, Mike Rundle, in March, 2007- as was reported at the Blog Herald. Initially, James Archer from Forty Media took over the running of the site and dealing with the client work (as well as implementing a stunning design and conversion to WordPress), while Mike continued to post for us. However, over recent times, we must confess to having let things slip a bit at Biz Logs– with too few posts and not enough energy. We are confident that Dee will help bring the site back to its former glory!

Here is Dee‘s announcement:

Hi. My name is Dee Barizo and I’m the new blogger for this site.

You may have read some of my old posts back when I blogged at Smart SEO Blog, Net Business Blog, or Performancing. Also, I’ve done internet marketing and SEO work for great companies such as Sea Waves Technology and Setfire Media.

My plans for this blog is write about the great fit that is small business and blogging. I’ll be posting a couple times a week. I’ll be talking about reasons why your business needs a blog. For those who already have a blog, I’ll give tips and strategies for using your blog to drive traffic, improve branding, and ultimately, make more sales.

We’ll continue to have blog design and development services. If you need a blog for your business, feel free to check us out. We’ve got a great team of designers and developers. Also, I’ll be working on creating a small business blogging training program that should be launched after six months.

Small Business Blogging Niche

I’m excited to write for the the small business blogging niche. I think it’s an underserved niche that has a lot of potential.

There is a lot of information about becoming a “problogger”. Also, many people have talked about using blogs in big corporate companies. However, there is not much information about small business blogging. This is unfortunate because small businesses are positioned very well to take advantage of the benefits blogs offer.

While many aspiring probloggers struggle to earn money because of low CPMs and cheap AdSense clicks, small businesses have a great monetization strategy. They sell products and services.

Blogs often work better in small businesses than big corporations because there is less red tape and communication flows much better in small businesses. Also, blogs work well if they are personal. Small businesses are usually more personal than big corporations.

If you have a small business or are thinking of starting one, feel free to bookmark this site and check back often. Also, you can get our latest updates by subscribing to our RSS feed.

Dee has written many subsequent posts since his introduction- all well worth reading:

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So head over to Biz Logs and check it out!