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College Theme Released

Posted on Jan 23, 2008

Performancing recently released its latest free theme, which marked a departure in policy from previously released themes that were sponsored. This is a strategy which Splashpress Media intends to continue with at all its online properties- releasing free, quality themes by top, professional designers looking for additional exposure.

The theme is a simple, straightforward two-column theme, with the sidebar situated to the left and the main content column at the right. College Theme is easy on the eyes, featuring soft shades and hues of blue. The rounded corners add to the visual appeal–each box on the sidebar, footer and main content have rounded corners for a softer feel. The sidebar boxes come in three gradients: dark, medium and light, to help differentiate the list content.

College Theme also has a dynamic Hemingway-style footer with footer columns that can accommodate lists. These columns are housed in stowaway tabs, so visual clutter is eliminated or at least hidden. A customizable link header is also present, to help readers navigate through the site.

As Ryan Caldwell announced:

It’s a new year and Performancing is excited to get things kickstarted with another free WordPress Theme. Developed by our friends at Design Disease, and available for free download, the College Theme is a two-column theme with sleek, rounded corners and a stylish 7+ color palette.

The College Theme for WordPress would work well for about any blogging application. I can see it being used for a range of projects including music, health, web 2.0, and a whole host of other topics.

This is one of our best themes yet, and we hope you enjoy it!

To download the theme, click here.

To preview the theme, click here.

And for theme support, visit the Peformancing dedicated forum.

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