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Blog Search Engine Partners with IceRocket

Posted on Jul 14, 2008


J. Angelo Racoma reports on some exciting news over at Blogging Pro about Blog Search Engine, Splashpress Media‘s dedicated search engine for blogs:

Over at Blog Search Engine, we’ve announced that BSE is now again powered by IceRocket’s search technology, after a brief switch to Google Custom Search.

While Google’s Custom Search functionality was, well, customizable, we found it limited in terms of focusing the searches on blogs. And so we found an opportunity to partner with IceRocket again, and here we are with them powering BSE’s search.

Now you might be wondering why search using Blog Search Engine instead of going directly to IceRocket or Google Blog Search or other blog search tools. Blog Search Engine’s value-added is its daily posting of a featured blog review, which readers can rate and vote on. So aside from being a blog search tool, BSE also has a blog rating and ranking functionality. If blog reviews are your thing, then you can also submit your blog.

This followed an official announcement at the Blog Search Engine blog:

When Blog Search Engine was first launched by Loren Baker of SEJournal, it was powered by IceRocket, which was then an up-and-coming search engine that was targeted at rivaling the bigger search giants, but targeted at blog content. When Splashpress Media acquired Blog Search Engine, we had to switch to Google Custom Search after a redesign due to licensing issues.

We are now proud to announce that we have struck a new deal with IceRocket, and our search is now powered by IceRocket’s technology. We’ve found out that while Google is the biggest (and arguably the best) search engine out there, when it comes to blogs, it’s still best to use specialized search solutions. And you also get that warm, fuzzy feeling knowing you’re partnering with fellow blogging enthusiasts.

So do head on to our search box to the left to start searching for your favorite topics!

Let us know what you think- IceRocket or Google?