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Blog Maintenance Service

Posted on Apr 14, 2008


We have previously posted about two services that are offered at Performancing Services: Authority Builder and Social Media Marketing.

Here we post about the third and final service offered by the team at Performancing Services:

Blog Maintenance Service

Is your blog achieving its purpose? Is it visually attractive?

Do you find it difficult to keep your blog updated on a regular basis?

Are you unsure how to maximize the effectiveness of your blog?

Let our team of specialists optimize your blog for maximum results!

With Performancing’s 3 Blog Management Services you will:

* Optimize your blog for peak performance
* Increase the first-impression response from visitors
* Communicate effectively with your target audience
* Network with important people and increase your site’s visibility
* Improve the way your blog is received by the search engines

Your Blog Should Be The Online Face Of Your Company

A great blog engages its audience both in the way it looks and the way it reads. Priority number one should be to get a professional blog design, and Performancing can help. But a nice design isn’t sufficient. Keeping a constant conversation with your target audience is essential. The good news is that the Performancing team can help with that too!

Performancing offers three blog management services that all have the same goal in mind: to maximize the effectiveness of your blog:

1. Blog Launch Service

The Performancing Blog Launch Service offers the most effective way to not only start a blog from scratch but also make it effective quickly. You will receive a custom blog design and a full month of professional maintenance. In addition, you will receive one free social media marketing campaign. Our goal with this service is to rapidly create a great-looking, high-traffic blog that successfully engages your audience and captures their attention.

2. Blog Reboot Service

The Performancing Blog Reboot is a lifestyle blueprint for your current blog. For one whole week, a team of experienced bloggers, designers, programmers and search marketers will analyze your blog. Our advice will give you ways to achieve your blogging targets including increased traffic, monetization and user participation.

3. Blog Maintenance Service

The Performancing Blog Maintenance Service is a full-service program to keep your blog on top of its game. A team of experienced bloggers, designers and programmers will keep your blog running smoothly, efficiently and effectively. This service includes monthly social media campaigns, multiple weekly blog articles, blog software updates and ongoing promotion.

You want a blog that rocks? No one covers all the angles of a killer blog better than Performancing. From eye-grabbing articles and sleek designs to managing top-notch social media campaigns, the team at Performancing will make your blog stand out and shine.

What you get with our Blog Management Services

* Initial strategy consultation to define the right approach
* An optimized site layout aimed at maximizing user engagement
* A sleak, high quality, professional blog design (Launch Service only)
* Installation of class-leading blog plugins
* On-page search engine optimization
* Magnetic, attention getting articles written by professional bloggers

Get in touch with the Performancing team now to discuss how you can get started!