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A hat tip to John Chow

Posted on Oct 13, 2008


Performancing Ads has been very lucky to have gained exposure in blogosphere by the very best of the best. A-lister bloggers like:

Darren Rowse at Problogger.

Jeremy Shoemaker at Shoemoney

Brian Clark at Copyblogger

Kevin Muldoon at Blogging Tips

and so on….have all helped create a real buzz about our new ad network.

Last month we paid out over $2,000 to our affiliates, who referred publishers and advertisers to the network. And by far the top earner of these (with over 60 referrals) was another A-lister: John Chow. And he’s winning the race this month as well with over 20 referrals. So a “hat tip” and a big thank you to John Chow!!

Here are some posts of his that might explain his success:

* Make Money Online with Performancing Ads

* How To Book Your Own Performancing Ads

* How To Add Performancing Ads To Your Blog

* Evil Way To Get More Performancing Ads Referrals

* How To Set Up Performancing Ads Exchange Ads

* How To Get Free Advertising with Performancing Ads

Why become a Peformancing Ads affiliate?

As it states over at the Performancing Ads affiliate page:

How it works:

* Earn $10 for each new publisher or advertiser you refer

* Plus, earn 5% recurring revenue on all advertiser ad buys … for life.

* Massive Potential:

Let’s say that you refer 2 new advertisers per month and each spends an average of $250 per month. Within 1 year, you’d be making a cool $300 per month in 100% passive income.

But wait. Let’s say that you referred 5 new advertisers per month. Now you’re talking over $750 per month after 1 year.

As you can see, the opportunities here are endless….

At Splashpress Media, we do keep up with the feedback received from publishers and advertisers, whether that be directly to our support team or in reviews. We are aware and sensitive to the criticisms and would like to state on the record that Performancing Ads is certainly no scam, as has been said by a few. We have invested a huge amount of money and resources into building the system for over a year and our goals are to serve the blogging community in the long-term with a win-win situation for both the publisher and advertiser. We admit to not having got everything right and experiencing “teething problems”. Specifically, with confusion over the aforementioned affiliate system, minimum and delayed publisher payouts and misunderstandings over the exchange ads. We are doing everything we can to fix these problems and to create greater clarity and transparency. Solutions we are implementing include no minimum publisher payouts, a clearer, more workable affiliate system and the ability to “opt out” of the exchange ads program altogether. And all these with better on-site help and faster customer support.

And so, in addition to thanking John Chow, we would like to thank all Performancing Ads publishers, advertisers and affiliates for your continued support and patronage!