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What does 2009 hold for Blog Networks?

Dec 29, 2008

Blog Networks

With the global economy in the current chaos that it is- what does 2009 hold for blog networks? Thord Hedengren, editor of the Blog Herald, posed precisely this question recently to the heads of some major blog networks:

There is no doubt that the current financial situation is hitting the web as well as the rest of the media industry. This is certainly one of the reasons why we’ve seen blog networks close, cut costs, or rationalize their portfolio. So is the blog network business model in trouble, and what does the established blog network hotshots thing about these things?

I decided to find out, in the first roundtable discussion here on the Blog Herald. That’s why I invited these fine blog network heavyweights to participate in the discussion.

  • Jeremy Wright, CEO of b5media
  • Collis Ta’eed, CEO of Envato
  • Mike Rundle, triad member of 9rules

So let’s get started and see what they have to say!

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WP Themes Directory Launched

Dec 22, 2008

WP Themes Directory

There are theme directories, and there are theme directories. At Splashpress Media, we aim to bring you the widest array of selections, including free and premium themes. And we also aim to help bloggers select the designs that are most appropriate to their blogs and needs. Our latest directory, WP Themes Directory, has this and more.

WordPress themes are a dime-a-dozen these days, which makes it difficult for a blogger to choose what design would best fit one’s blog. WP Themes Directory makes it easier by letting users find themes based on easy-to-use categories. How many columns do you want? What color scheme? Do you need a free theme, or are you willing to shell out some money for a premium one?

With WP Themes Directory, you don’t have to worry about getting old versions because the directory links to the source, which should be to the theme author’s download page.

WP Themes Directory is a user-submitted directory of WordPress themes. The sites offers free submissions and also premium entries with screenshots and a front-page feature. Users can easily browse for themes based on blog topic, color scheme, column layout, and the like.

WP Themes Directory is another design by our resident design guru: Ia Lucero, who has also done other excellent work for Splashpress, such as Parenting Blog and Study Driving.

One theme you might be interested in- it being Christmas and all – is ‘Tis The Season, designed by Brian Gardner and previously released as a free theme by Performancing Themes.

You can preview ‘Tis The Season here and download the theme here.

Blog Hoster: Version 2.8 Released!

Dec 15, 2008

Blog Hoster

Running a blog is easy enough when you know how to run a hosting account, install a CMS like WordPress, and of course- produce content. But running a full-fledged blogging service for end-users may not be as easy, unless you use a software package that’s designed just for that. Blog Hoster, one of our premium services, provides an easy way to run your own branded blogging and social networking service.

We are pleased to announce that we are improving our efforts in developing Blog Hoster, and the service is now under the management of J. Angelo Racoma and Randy Nivales from our team. Angelo and Randy have worked extensively on planning, developing, and marketing hosted blogging solutions prior to Splashpress. And therefore we are confident that they have what it takes to bring Blog Hoster to its true potential.

We have reactivated the support forums, and we are now ensuring a faster turnaround time in responding to email inquiries. For resolution of technical issues, we have also started the Blog Hoster bug tracker.

Now as for the much-awaited update to the current stable version 2.6, we have decided to skip version 2.7 and go straight to 2.8, which has been recently released. Version 2.8 includes various fixes and stability updates, including:

  • Six new themes developed by Design Disease
  • Browser compatibility fixes (particularly Safari)
  • Bug fixes

If you have any inquiries about Blog Hoster, and if you’re wondering how Blog Hoster can address your blogging and social networking needs, please feel free to get in touch with us at support (at) bloghoster.net, or through our web-based email form. We offer free installation and on-site support, as part of our commitment to quality service to licensees.

Also, for Splashpress readers, we have a great Xmas promo– simply use the coupon code: PERF319 for an instant 30% discount at the order form!!

Welcoming XFEP to the network

Dec 8, 2008

eXtra for Every Publisher

Extra means something beyond what is expected. Here at Splashpress Media, we strive to provide the best of our services to our readers and partners beyond what is usually expected of an online publishing company. We consider most of our audience to be interested in new and social media, with our key blogging related sites, like the Blog Herald and Performancing. But we know you want more. We know you want extra.

And so we are pleased to welcome XFEP into Splashpress Media. XFEP stands for eXtra For Every Publisher, and this site stands up to its name. XFEP was founded and is edited by David Peralty, with the goal of helping bloggers “avoid the pitfalls and potential problems on the way to making your living online.” David‘s several years experience in the online publishing industry assures us that he knows what he is talking about, and that he can deliver that extra something- extra knowledge, extra insights and extra resources-that can help you succeed in this competitive industry.

As David says:

After three years in the industry, I have seen many changes, and dealt with many of them myself, from managing one blog, to writing on dozens, to bending WordPress to my will, and through all of this, I have realized I could have avoided many mistakes had their been a resource for bloggers that really came together and approached the subject from all sides, including the very difficult area of monetization, and with a bit of luck, energy and focus, that is what I hope to create here at eXtra For Every Publisher.

David’s regular articles includes advice and tips on writing, managing blog networks, marketing, technicals, and even the difficult topic of monetization.

Splashpress Media Launches Fashion Hookup

Dec 1, 2008

Fashion Hookup

Splashpress Media proudly announces the latest (fabulous) addition to the network, our very first fashion blog, Fashion Hookup.

Unlike some of the fashion blogs out there, we are all about stylish “wearability“. Ok, so Michelle Obama wore “that” red Narciso Rodriguez on election night and was called out by the fashion police. So what? the (First) lady knows her style and wears it darn well. The question is, Do you? Well, at Fashion Hookup, we want women (and men!) everywhere to find their personal style through knowing what they like, what they can buy, how they can put it together and most importantly, how to pull it off – with ease.

Coco Chanel once said:

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous!”

And as a fan on all things Chanel (bien sur!), we’ll be doing just that – finding ways to harness the fabulousness that lives inside every girl, through what the style gurus believe is the best therapy there is: RETAIL.

But don’t get us wrong, its not all about buying the latest Lohan-toted handbag to get the sun shining (uh, ok. so sometimes it is!), its about finding your inner style, knowing what suits you best and makes you feel your best, and no, it’s not those comfy sweats you’ve had since college!

So join us for some great fashion finds, tips, news and ideas. And to quote another late great fashion icon, Yves Saint Laurent, let us not forget that:

“..what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it.”

Using a premium theme, the Fresh News Theme, Fashion Hookup is being edited by Lara, Super Mom from Parenting Blog.

Go and check out Fashion Hookup today!!