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Splashpress Media’s Worth? A $1,000 cash prize!!

Posted on Nov 6, 2007

Personally, I’m a fan of Loren Feldman at 1938 Media. I like the way he gets things across in a no bs style and he never fails to make me laugh, even if he probably doesn’t mean to. Just like my step-father from Vegas who always tells me “you’re pissin’ up a rope, my boy” there is an Americanism that just appeals to my rather stiff, formal English sense of humour.

Anyway, the point he raises in this video is crucial to all of us who work in the blogging industry and it gave me an idea….one that I know we will be well and truly trashed for. So be it.

Splashpress Media has gone around buying up a lot of blog-related sites on the internet over the last year- to the degree that some have called us Splash Cash. In some instances, maybe we overpaid, in others maybe we got a bargain. Who knows…?

Certainly, prices seem to have gone up over the last year. Compare when we bought JOAB at its height from David Krug for $2k, to a blog like Blogging Fingers which sells within hours at Sitepoint for its BIN of $6k. Or One Man’s Goal– just a 5 month old blog being offered $8.5k yesterday. These are all minor deals, of course, and not any reflection on a Facebook bubble. But still…it’s the many parts that make the whole.

So here’s the deal. We’ll give $1,000 cash to the best “worth evaluation” of Splashpress Media‘s network via a comment in reply to this post, a post on your own blog with a pingback or a private email via our contact form.

We already know its value to us….!

To explain a bit further- what we are looking for is the best “model” for “worth evaluation”, not the $$ figure itself, i.e: it really doesn’t matter whether you think we are “worth” a million bucks or zero, it is how you got to the numeric figure that matters. And to make it harder, we’re not going to provide any stats whatsoever or any revenue figures. You’ll just need to guess at the reality or the potential- up to you.

One point we would like to make is that, like many others, we were penalized hard in the recent PR update. Many of our sites lost 3 points. This may downgrade the “worth” of those sites, or not- but it also may lower our income, as we take steps to get our PR back by being good little boys and discarding paid text links. So bear this in mind, e.g: Performancing from PR7 to PR4, Wisdump from PR6 to PR3, Blog Herald from PR6 to PR4 and so on….all may be “worth” less, or may rebound in PR and have less income.

Another small tip. How much “lateral worth” does one get in terms of leveraging one’s own products? e.g: how many licenses of Blog Hoster do we sell by pushing the brand within our own network?

You should base your “worth evaluation” only on the properties as shown in the network section of this site.

Who will be the judge? We have decided the best person for the job is the “blog seller” or “site flipper” himself, Mr David Krug. There is nobody in the business who knows better “what you can get”. And how you get to such a figure, based on all the facets and angles involved.

We’ll entertain entries until the end of this week- Sunday, Nov. 11th, midday EST.

On Monday, Nov. 12th, we’ll publish the winning entry and Paypal that person the $1k. No SPM employees allowed to enter!

As a footnote, just in case there is any speculative mischief, this is an intellectual experiment. We are NOT looking to sell our network (or any of our online properties) for a very, very long time.