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Video Blogging Made Easy

Posted on Nov 9, 2007

Video camera

ViScript is a plugin for WordPress which allows you to create and automate video blog posts. It’s pretty easy to use. You tell it what theme to look for videos about (for example “britney spears“) and where to look for those videos out of a selection of several video sites. Then you sit back and watch it do your work for you!

There are a bunch of other great features in there too including ways to monetize your new auto-video-blog.

I told one of our development blogs to look for videos on the theme “Britney Spears” from the site YouTube. You can then add a post at whim by pressing a button, and the script pulls in the video makes a new post and also pulls in the comments from the video site and adds them as comments to your blog.

You can automate the process by telling the script how many videos to find, and in what intervals such as “look for 5 videos over a period of 3 hours every day” or “look for 3 videos over a period of 2 weeks“.

The script also has a nifty little place where you can automatically add in ads- such as Google Adsense, and monitor the CTR. From the ViScript contol panel in your wordpress admin area you can even download the videos, automate your blog, check your ad stats and add advert blocks! the possibilities are endless.

ViScript is now (after some hard work!) compliant with WordPress 2.3.

Watch out for ViScript to being pushed across all Splashpress Media properties, with a nice seasonal discount to bear!