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Redbook WordPress theme released

Posted on Dec 9, 2007


Another classic Performancing WordPress theme was released in November, this time designed by the hugely successful and renowned Brian Gardner.

“Redbook lives up to its name by incorporating what we think to be salient aspects of a physical book with the modern feel of a sophisticated website (hence “red book”). Viewing a blog powered by the Redbook WordPress theme, one would feel as if unfolding an actual hard-bound book, with the left and right sidebars “folding” out, and red and grey liners reminiscent of a book’s cover and leaves.”

Ryan Caldwell introduced the theme over at the Performancing blog-:

“Performancing is pleased to announce it’s latest monthly WordPress theme release entitled Redbook.

Designed by Brian Gardner, of Revolution fame, this theme uses a subtle mix of reds and greys to achieve a sleek, sophisticated and professional look. Redbook includes three columns, with the content column sandwiched between two equally sized sidebars. This layout maximizes your above-the-fold real estate and gives you three nicely-sized regions to capture the reader’s attention.

Redbook is perfect for professional websites but also has the simple flair necessary for edgier magazine style web publications.”

To preview the theme, click here.

And to download it, click here.

We hope you enjoy 🙂