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nextMEDIA 2007 Toronto

Posted on Nov 28, 2007

A Conference Report by David Peralty.

When James Cogan asked me if I wanted to come to the nextMEDIA event in Toronto, I knew it would be something great, even without checking their website, but what I didn’t know was that I was going to be joining what is almost a closed circle of marketing, and advertising people that really only wanted to communicate with their peers and that was a little bit disappointing.

However, as we start the second day, I have to admit the sessions have been absolutely enlightening for someone like me, and I wonder now if most of these advertising professionals are learning something new. Most of the information has been things that sound relatively basic, and I am learning a great deal about how the advertising and marketing community see the web, traditional media, and all the different demographics, both online and off.

I am very happy I came to nextMEDIA, and hope to return again next year. I will be posting full coverage of the event on Dailypixel, Blogging Pro, Blog Herald, and eXtra for Every Publisher.

Session One, Day One
Session Two, Day One
Session Three, Day One
Session Four, Day One
Session Five, Day One
Session Six, Day One

Session One, Day Two

Other Details
Travel to the Event

I will continue to update this post with session details as I post them.