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Welcome to the new Splashpress website

Posted on Aug 10, 2007

Splashpress Media

This website has been a long time in coming and was badly needed! It’s pretty shameful that it has taken as long as it has, but it’s just one of those things that has always been on the “to do list” but then left at the bottom of the pile as more urgent stuff has come along.

Anyway…here it is….I hope that you like it and find your way around easily enough. If there is anything missing or something that you feel should be included, please shoot us an email. Our main goal is to be as comprehensive as possible, content-wise, in terms of displaying who and what Splashpress Media is and where we hope to be heading in the future.

With the design and navigation of the new website (with thanks to Design Disease), we have gone for simplicity and a clean look and feel as much as possible. It’s true that we have erred a bit on the conservative and traditional side, but we’re pretty new on the block and can always go avant-garde later on!

A note of warning for this blog: it’s very much “internal” Splashpress news and focused on our own developments. We’re not going after some huge readership here with any particular views or commentary. If you’re not involved with Splashpress, in fact…even if you are-:), you’re likely to find all the posts in this blog pretty dull.