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Dealing with Mr Bloggy

Posted on Oct 1, 2007

mr bloggy

Way back last year, some might remember that we had a bit of a mess after buying the Blog Herald. The essential problem was that we had registered a company called “Bloggy Network” both in the UK and Asia, as well as securing the international trademark and this caused obvious confusion to Bloggy Network Inc., Jacob Gower’s impressive network. Despite many assumptions to the contrary, this was an innocent situation with no ill intent and we managed to resolve things amicably with Bloggy Network Inc. and it’s all very much water under the bridge. Under the deal where we bought Eaton Web from Jacob, we passed the domain and trademark over and decided to “rebrand”.

The problem was, though, that this left a pretty large vacuum for us to fill. As a temporary measure, we set up a new home under Mr Bloggy. We then dumped all our blogs and sites named “bloggy” (except Bloggy Award) and put them up under new domains. And finally we used the erazatine theme, designed by Chris Pearson, to “network” all the blogs together. We had managed to gain exclusivity to this design somewhat by default, having bought from Blog Media all the sites that were employing it-: JOAB, Gadzooki and Biziki. And many thanks to Angelo for his tireless work in reformatting these to make each blog both “unified” and “individual”.

The truth is that despite these efforts this network has been greatly neglected and starved of real focus. With the occasional exception (like Franky doing a great job over at the Man Utd Blog), all 20+ blogs have been left to flounder without due care and attention in terms of the only thing that really matters with blogs- decent, engaging, fresh content. And not just the blogs. There are 10 “blog service” sites in the Mr Bloggy network as well, which have also been left in the dumps.

So what’s the point to all this? Well….things are about to change with this group of sites and for the better! A few months back we took out four blogs from Mr Bloggy, got them pimped up with spanking new designs and had them stand on their own feet-: Blog Tutorials, Froodee, Gadzooki and Travelogger. All have become multi-author blogs with at least seven writers on each and they have been a huge success in terms of building communities and readership within another “sub network” of Splashpress. And so we’re continuing the same process….digging out the dead blogs from under Mr Bloggy, dressing them up and relaunching them as stand-alone blogs under Splashpress.

The next blog just relaunched with a new design is-: Geeks Blog. And this process will continue until Mr Bloggy is empty and all sites have been revived successfully and returned to the fold. It is amazing what a new design can do in revitalizing a blog- as we have seen recently with Blogger Jobs and Blog Network Watch, thanks to Thord Hedengren.

And what’s to be of poor Mr Bloggy?….I hear you ask. Well…he will be resigned to watering his vegetable patch and counting his marbles….permanently!