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Blogging Tips- still selling well

Posted on Sep 11, 2007

blogging tips

A few months back, Splashpress published its first book on blogging with Lorelle VanFossen: Blogging Tips. What bloggers won’t tell you about blogging. And despite next to no marketing at all, remarkably the book continues to sell well with a bunch of sales going through every day.

This success is all down to Lorelle herself, much as we’d like to take the credit for it. Apart from the fact that the success of the book is completely based on her caliber and reputation as a writer in the blogosphere, she (along with Liz Strauss) has done all the hard work from beginning to end, from the broad strokes to the finer details, from the ink drying to the postage stamp. So this is a BIG thank you to Lorelle and Liz.

As a reflection, to share some of our experience with anyone else thinking of publishing a book on blogging- apart from choosing a high quality writer with existing appeal, like Lorelle, think of the book not as a business enterprise itself but more as a marketing tool. We may end up breaking even or making money, but if we don’t…it doesn’t matter. For example, we gave away the book as a freebie in our sponsorship of the SOBCon blogging conference last May and some 450 copies again recently at the recent WordCamp. So it’s a real opportunity to create goodwill and attract people to the “brand” you are trying to build.

The book is still available! It’s a great read, packed with invaluable tips and even if we say so ourselves, an essential reference for anyone serious about blogging as a revenue stream. You can get your copy here. Or if you have any ideas for using the book in a promotional sense, drop us a line.