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Blog Search Engine – a great addition to SPM

Posted on Sep 27, 2007

Blog Search Engine

Splashpress is thrilled to have added Blog Search Engine to its roster of blog-related sites. The deal was concluded privately with Loren Baker of Search Engine Journal, after Loren was unable to find a buyer via his auction at Sitepoint. The acquisition was recently covered at the Blog Herald and 901am.

The site is obviously an attractive acquisition as an individual property, with its mass of quality backlinks, but for us the important thing was that it complimented our current portfolio, rather than conflicted with it. This especially in regards to Eaton Web.

So with the help of Thord Hedengren once more, we are planning a major overhaul of the site. While keeping the “seach engine” feature, as powered by IceRocket, we will be setting up a “Blog Catalog” style directory that is geared towards reviews and relevant inquiries, rather than metrics and short description. So in addition to being able to find any blog in particular category, users will be able to submit their own reviews and rate the blogs accordingly within the “catalog”. This unlike the MySQL base of EW.

Blog Search Engine
will also be linked to Eaton Web via API and feature the fastest risers according to EW‘s momentum metrics, and will also be featuring recent reviews by the team at Bloggy Award.