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Blog Hoster 2.7 “live”

Posted on Oct 25, 2007


Blog Hoster 2.7 is live now, with a few new features and some bug fixes.

You can get all details from your client area including downloading the latest version.

Here is a summary of the new version changes:

Added the ability to resize uploaded images, both upon upload and to existing images, based on a percentage.

Made templates consistent across comments, photo albums etc, which required the replacing of the tags in-: album.php, friends.php, archive.php, deletecomments.php, editcomments.php, previewcomment.php, preview.php, previewentry.php.

Updated profile.php to replace in template code.

Added various missing tags to the user end Tags and Templates Guide.

Bug Fix: Fixed the problem with some server configs and uploading photos (safe_mode related issue).

Bug Fix: Fixed problem with emails not sending line breaks for email notifications of new comments.

Bug Fix: Emails being sent by the system did not always obey page breaks. Adding the relevant HTML to your email content will now be obeyed.

Comments can now be posted within the user template, rather than the template defaulting to the default template for the system.

Photo Album pages now use the user template, rather than defaulting to the default system template.

Profiles now keep the user template rather than defaulting to the default system template.

Bug Fix: “Remember me” option on user login is now fixed.

Admin can now manually set a user to “verified” status via the admin control panel.

Bug Fix: Fixed problem some server configs experienced with posting comments by adding to the relevant database table.

Bug Fix: Fixed a symbol rendering problem with the template “Best Friend”.

Bug Fix: Fixed the undefined variable errors some users got in manager_header.php

Added the ability for the weblog name to be listed in the title bar of the blog when viewed in a browser.

Also we have been installing a bug tracking system which allows users of products report “issues” they are having with the product and then these bugs can be assigned to staff and work on them can be monitored, and the clients can be shown a roadmap for fixes.

The other huge improvement at Blog Hoster is opening up the forums, which users have really appreciated and been asking for.

Congratulations and thanks go out to Will, Gunay and John for all their hard work on this project.

***Don’t forget that Performancing readers can get a 50% discount on the Blog Hoster software by applying this code: PERF319 at the order form. Not bad- a $125 saving!***

Also, we will soon be adding ten more templated designs as choices for users, c/o Design Disease.