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And the winner is….

Posted on Nov 12, 2007


We had a pretty good response to this contest and it has raised some interesting challenges, issues and ideas for us as a team at Splashpress Media.

After consultation with David Krug, we feel that nobody hit the ball out of the park on this one and so have decided to split the prize three ways, ($333.33 each) to the following applicants-:

1. Rob

Rob‘s name links back to Business Pundit and he obviously knows his stuff. What we liked with Rob’s “worth evaluation” was how he allowed more than double the usual “evaluation model” as applied, say, on Sitepoint or DigitalPoint, given that it is a network and therefore it is more risk averse. Had Rob carried on and studied our properties more, we feel he would have won this contest outright. For example, he used as his barometer 54 sites, whereas just one of those (Mr Bloggy) has more than 20 individual properties within it. But his guess of an overall $2k per site average was also excellent.

Rob‘s valuation-: $2.8 million

2. Jon

Jon raised and highlighted the value of “leveraging” within a network better than any other applicant. We have found this to be of huge value to us and are sure that we can do better in this department. For example, we have managed to double sales for a project like Blog Hoster in the last 3 months and are also able to push service-orientated projects aggressively, such as consultancy and marketing work. Jon also mentioned the value of “people” which nobody else did and this is an incredibly important aspect, in our minds, of any “worth evaluation” for a network of sites and services like ours.

Jon‘s valuation-: $3 million

3. Aditya

Aditya from Blog On Expo also raised some important criteria in a “worth evaluation model” not mentioned or taken into consideration by other parties. Such things as Technorati rank and, more significantly, a value per member of a social network. For example, in our case, the 30,000+ members of Performancing or the newly created Blogosphere News. Other important aspects of Aditya‘s evaluation included the actual cost of site creation (based on reasonable sums), the specific (rather than generalized) yield per site and also things like the value of WordPress themes created. All of this was a good shot at a “worth evaluation”, but again didn’t follow through on enough specifics or cover all the angles.

Aditya‘s valuation-: $3.2 million (doing the sums ourselves…)


Much like a blog network, it is the parts that make the sum with a proper “worth evalution model”. We feel each of these three “evaluations” were good and worthy of a share in the prize, while none covered all the bases in a comprehensive enough way to win it outright.

Congratulations to Rob, Jon and Aditya$333.33 coming to each of you today!!


We would have loved to have awarded AJ for his “worth evaluation”, just owing to the spirit of it. While we wholeheartedly agree, we were looking for something a bit more technical and strategic….:-(