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Splashpress Media Month In Review

Posted on Oct 11, 2012

A round up of news from the Splashpress New Media channel for the last 30 days….

The Future of SEO

With another huge Google update in the form of Penguin having rippling affects earlier in the year many people have been both questioning the future of SEO and some even saying that  as an industry and skill set it is on its way out. Rajeen Shah from Marketappeal.com guest posted on the future of SEO and where he sees it going in the future.

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Social Media A Distraction?

So apparently social media is a distraction……..no seriously, some institutions are getting round to telling us this. In a visualised report by Red e app employees are being distracted at work at least every 10 minutes and costing US companies almost $650 billion.

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How Cinema Loves the Internet

Social media made it to the silver screen in 2010 with the Academy award winning movie ‘The Social Network’ and suddenly being a tech nerd was cool and the Facebook founder Mark Zukerburg is on the front of Time magazine and later is impersonated by SNL star Andy Samberg. We are still waiting on Hollywood to make a blogging related movie but in the meantime we took a look back at some tech related Hollywood movies

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Being a Great Blogger is Easy. Wrong.

If you have been blogging for a while now you will know its not easy, many people start off brimming with enthusiasm and expectations only to become discouraged when they realise its a full on up-hill battle. Jonathan Bailey takes a look at how this can be done but without any short cuts.

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